offers advice and representation in the following areas of Canadian Immigration.

Temporary Classes

Visit, Study, or Work

Temporary Resident Visa, Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), Visitor Record

Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

Study Permits

Work Permits:  LMIA-based Work Permit, Post-graduation Work Permit, Bridging Open Work Permit, Spouses or Common-law Partners of Skilled Workers or full-time Students, International Experience Canada: Working Holiday and Young Professionals.

Economic Classes

Become a Permanent Resident

Express Entry:  Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, Canadian Experience Class

Provincial Nomination:  Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Family Classes


Sponsorship of Spouses, Common-law Partners, Conjugal Partners, and Dependent Children

Sponsorship of Parents and Grandparents

Canadian Citizenship

Become a Canadian Citizen

Citizenship Grant applications for Permanent Residents

Choose Your Service

Initial Consultation

Each case begins with an initial consultation during which your Consultant will learn about your circumstances and qualifications in order to determine the immigration programs for which you are eligible. You are encouraged to come prepared, ask questions, and address the most challenging parts of your application. An hour of your time can give you clarity and a new understanding of your immigration situation. For your convenience, IMMmax offers various consultation environments: in person, over the phone, or interactive (Skype or FaceTime). Either way, you can count on a full hour packed with immigration information.

Opinion Letter

The Opinion Letter service provides an assessment of your eligibility for immigration programs, advantages and disadvantages of each program, admissibility evaluation, and a general recommendation on your most favorable immigration solution. If you wish to prepare your application on your own and need extra confidence and answers, this service will ensure you are on the right path. The length of your Opinion Letter will depend on the immigration stream and the number of individuals included in the application. It will be insightful, case-specific, and it will focus on your areas of concern. You can count on a comprehensive overview of your immigration situation and a professional recommendation.

Application Review

If you are unsure about the quality and completeness of your application package, you can request an Application Review service. IMMmax will review your documents line by line and recommend changes and additions. For those who hesitate to submit their final application, this service will ensure it meets the required standards and is not missing any important details. An Application Review letter provides a complete and critical evaluation of each section of your documents. By applying IMMmax recommendations to perfect your application, you can submit it with confidence and peace of mind.

Authorized Representation

To take advantage of the full IMMmax experience, you can retain Joanna as your Authorized Representative before Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (”IRCC”). This means EVERY aspect of your application process will be in professional hands, including: full application preparation, communication with IRCC on your behalf, application submission, and full guidance each step of the way. With this all-inclusive service, IMMmax will guide and support you from the beginning to the final decision on your application. You can count on ongoing communication, diligent preparation, and timely service throughout the process. Ultimate peace of mind.

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