Temporary Entry

Whether you wish to visit family, explore Canada, study at a Canadian university or work, IMMmax offers full assistance in obtaining a proper authorization. Get in touch today to find out which temporary permit is suitable for your situation.

  • Temporary Resident Visa, Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), Visitor Record
  • Study Permits and Work Permits
  • Extensions and Restoration of status
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Permanent Immigration

If you wish to make Canada your permanent home, there are federal and provincial programs catered to various skills and qualifications. Through the initial consultation assessment, you will learn which program is the best fit for you.

Express Entry: Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class and Canadian Experience Class

Provincial Nomination: Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

Humanitarian & Compassionate considerations: Applications for persons who are in exceptional compassionate circumstances and do not meet requirements of current immigration programs.

Permanent Resident Card renewal

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Family reunification is one of the main objectives of Canadian immigration. Qualifying Permanent Residents and Canadian Citizens may sponsor certain family members to become Permanent Residents of Canada.

  • Sponsorship of Spouses, Common-law Partners, Conjugal Partners, and Dependent Children
  • Sponsorship of Parents and Grandparents
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Canadian Citizenship

You made Canada your permanent home, and you are just a step away from reaching the final step in your immigration journey. IMMmax proudly offers representation in the following citizenship programs:

  • Citizenship grant applications for families, adults and minors
  • Citizenship Certificate (proof of citizenship)
  • Canadian Passport - initial and renewals
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Temporary Foreign Worker Program


The Temporary Foreign Worker Program helps employers fill labour and skill shortages. Most employers are required to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment to determine if the hiring of a foreign worker will have a positive or negative impact on the Canadian labour market.

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    Decide What’s Next!

    After the initial consultation, you may feel ready to tackle your application on your own. If you would like to continue your journey with IMMmax, the following services are proudly offered:

Initial Consultation

Each case begins with an initial consultation during which your Advisor will learn about your circumstances and qualifications in order to determine the immigration programs for which you are eligible. You are encouraged to come prepared, ask questions, and address the most challenging parts of your application. An hour of your time can give you clarity and a new understanding of your immigration situation. For your convenience, IMMmax offers various consultation environments: in person, over the phone, or Zoom meetings. Either way, you can count on a full hour packed with immigration information.

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Application Review

If you are unsure about the quality and completeness of your application package, this is most likely the right service for you. During the application review, your documents will be reviewed line by line followed by recommendations on changes and additions. For those who hesitate to submit their final application, a professional review will ensure your submission meets the required standards and is not missing any important details. This service provides a complete and critical evaluation of each section of your documents. By applying Joanna's recommendations to perfect your application, you can submit it with confidence and peace of mind.

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Authorized Representation

To take advantage of the full IMMmax experience, you can retain Joanna as the Authorized Representative through your immigration process. This means EVERY aspect of your application will be in professional hands, including: preparation of a complete quality submission, communication with government departments on your behalf, and full guidance each step of the way. With this all-inclusive service, IMMmax will guide and support you from the beginning to the final decision on your application. You can count on ongoing communication, diligent preparation, and timely service. Ultimate peace of mind.

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