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Joanna Zalesiak

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
ICCRC Membership Number: R531531
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Joanna was born and raised in Poland. Growing up, she played basketball at a competitive level and advanced to the top Polish League to represent Poland at international competitions. Her basketball career also took her to El Paso, Texas where she represented UTEP for one season. Finally, in 2009, she was recruited by the University of Regina and started a new chapter of her life in Canada.

Ten years later, Joanna is a University of Regina graduate, a back-to-back University of Regina Female Athlete of the Year, and a CIS First-Team All-Canadian. Aside from her impressive basketball career, Joanna graduated with a Sport and Recreation Management Degree and worked in the recreation field for the Cities of Saskatoon and Martensville in Saskatchewan.

Immigration has always been her passion. Completing the “Certificate in Immigration Law” through the University of British Columbia and becoming a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant was the beginning of IMMmax. As Joanna went through the strenuous immigration process herself, she understands the feelings of uncertainty all immigrants face and the patience required to be successful. Her goal is to facilitate this process for people from all over the world who wish to come temporarily or make Canada their permanent home.

Why Trust a Professional?

The immigration process can be complicated and overwhelming.

Each application requires a great amount of diligence, attention to detail, and understanding of the immigration provisions. There are many important requirements that cannot be overlooked in your final submission. This is why immigrants from around the world use immigration professionals to facilitate their Canadian immigration process and to achieve the best possible outcome.

Using professional services saves you headaches and worrying about whether your application is complete and up to the required standard. It also provides a comprehensive view of your unique circumstances and implements experience and knowledge to guide you through the process.

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