Moving to Canada

is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Allow a professional to take care of the details so you can fully enjoy the journey.

How  can help you.

IMMmax is a Canadian immigration services provider located in Calgary, Alberta, serving immigrants in Canada and from all over the world.

Its goal is to provide honest, reliable, and seamless immigration solutions that best address YOUR specific circumstances. Highly individual quality approach to every single case will help you feel confident and comfortable throughout the experience.

In other words, IMMmax cares about the best possible results in your immigration journey.

The advantage


IMMmax is fully dedicated to each client. Whether through an initial consultation or full client representation, you can count on a professional approach and extensive preparation.

Attention to Detail

Immigration law is complex and filled with details that can make or break your application. IMMmax ensures that your application is prepared above and beyond the requirements for success.


IMMmax assesses your case from all possible angles and provides a complete understanding of all possibilities so you can make informed decisions.


Excellence is an attitude applied to every aspect of IMMmax operations. An in-depth understanding of your qualifications and thorough preparation equals excellent advice.

Ethical Standards

IMMmax is bound by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council Code of Professional Ethics and holds its practice to the highest legal standard. You can count on an honest and transparent process throughout all stages.

Peace of Mind

IMMmax experience provides personal comfort and peace of mind where no questions remain unanswered. You can fully enjoy the journey and save yourself a great amount of stress and worry.

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